We are an alliance of polish specialized engineering companies from construction industry.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive, multi-disciplinary technical documentation based on our best experience, gained over decades by the offices forming SYNERIC Engineers.

With well-established cooperation we have created an alternative to the large corporate design offices by offering individual approach to the Client, and by high quality service. We believe that the key to mutual success is the correct understanding of needs and objectives of our clients. This allows for identification and successive problem solving, and as a consequence - the achievement of business objectives.

SYNERIC Engineers is formed by the following companies: ABATOS, INSTALATOR, EL-SECO


Next stage of site works for Bialystok Municipal waste disposal plant


The plant consists of main processing building and adjacent technical building.Main processing building is 25/45m high and includes steel boiler hall, hall unloading hall, stabilization of ash facility and reinforced concrete bunker for the collection of waste. Technical building was designed as reinforced concrete structure and consists of most important part of the complex – main hall with turbogenerator.

Next stage of site works for Kraków Balice International Airport


Expansion and Reconstruction of Kraków-Balice International Airport named after John Paul II includes a construction of a new terminal, and reconstruction of existing terminals to combine them into one functional unit. After the works the Airport will have a total usable area of ​​56 700 m² and will be second only to Warsaw, Poland's largest Aiport.


Nowadays design market is governed by quick decision-making and need for quick investment completion.

Complex projects are being carried out under pressure of time, they also require to be organized in sophisticated way and to be carried out by teams of specific specialists, whilst economic efficiency is a measure of their success. The investments depend on many modern, state-of-the-art technologies which allow for low cost of construction and subsequent operation, and high ecological and functional standards.
Because of this, while setting up Syneric Engineers, we decided to focus on key aspects of our design activity:
Proper selection of teams of specialist, equipped with not only the professional knowledge but also with extensive experience within the field of given project; this allows for usage of good practice and proven solutions.
Collective system coupled with single-project database, which creates comprehensive environment and automatic change process throughout all disciplines within the project. Centralized operation of this type offers great flexibility and time savings, which is especially important when changing the parameters of the planned investment, also eliminates errors and problems resulting from ineffective coordination of the project.
Risk management for the investment process, which minimizes risk impact on harmonogramme and cashflow.
Integrated 3D design providing with possibility of quick modification of design, functional or business parameters.
Precise and detailed design of all key projects elements which ensures the effectiveness of all design paramenetrs in every stage of the investment.

Syneric Engineers proposes the engineering philosophy of integration of best practice and knowledge of modern design, which leads to success in the form of a well-executed and effective investment.



  • Formal and administrative processes management (licensing and permitting)
  • Technical and financial advisory
  • Multi-disciplinary cost estimates and boq’s
  • Client’s and author’s site supervision
  • Feasibility studies
  • Outsourcing services (design and drafting)


  • Structural design of concrete, steel, wood and other elements
  • Foundation design
  • Technical audits and verifications, existing condition analysis
  • Geotechnical reports and assesments (soil lab tests & surface tests)


  • Rebuilding of roads, carparks, maneuvering yards, bridges and culverts
  • Permanent and temporary traffic organization
  • Traffic light design
  • Traffic analysis (including crossroads metering)
  • Design of communications networks & road lights
  • Design of road drainage projects (sewage & rainwater)
  • Design of network overhead lines and electrical power installations
  • Environmental design (acoustic screens, culverts for animals)
  • Reports of the environmental impact
  • Preparation of materials for the decision on environmental conditions, on consent for implementation of investments and for the location of investment


  • Hvac networks design (comfort & precision hvac systems)
  • Heating installations design
  • Water, wastewater & sanitary networks design
  • Design of cold storage systems based on heat pumps, vrv and precision hvac of high density power (for server rooms)
  • Sanitary network design (gas network reconstruction, tap water, c.h.)
  • Drainage design


  • Energy systems design
  • Design of automation, bms, acs (access control systems), intrusion (system intruder alarms) to class sa-4, (techom authorisation), fire alarm systems and vas (voice alarm system)
  • CCTV design
  • Video & computer networks design
  • Sound system facilities
  • Doorphone systems & tv facilities